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  1. Director=Levan Akin
  2. rating=4214 Vote
  3. country=Georgia, France
  4. Levan Akin
  5. Casts=Levan Gelbakhiani

:D არააააააააა :D. Download torrent a onda smo plesalik. Gonna do my very best. Feel a bit scared to ask but, can u make more scomiche pls. Amazing ❤️❤️.


ხალხო ტეხავს ქართულ ფილმს რომ სხვა აფასებს და თქვენთან ბნელა

As a Georgian, i am proud for this movie, beautifully done and very very close to the Georgian reality. its not a movie about gays but also about the social-economical issues and problems among youth. i loved how soflty levan akin touched the clubbing culture.
Levan and bacho did amazing job as well and risked a lot just by acting in this movie.
go and watch if you have the chance.
p.s. some of the jokes or the expressions gonna be probably not fully understandable for non-georgians but still 10/10 💥. Download Torrent A onda smo pleslin. 10:41 მართალია თრეილერზე. Why dont see in free please.uploded YouTube. ის ვითომ ქართული მარში თავიანთი გამოსვლებით უფრო პოპულარიზაციას უკეთებენ ამ ფილმს საქართველოში.

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. ვინც 2099 წელს უსმენს ლაიქ ამ კომენტარს. Unfuckinbelievably amazing tune again Robyn, worth the wait. Lots of love/on repeat lol x MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. And the sun sets on the water, But down in the deep the current is stronger! Pure trance, just saying🤗😎🤗😎🤗 If Einstien was a singer, they would probably be my hero Robyn 😂🤣😂🤣. Download torrent a onda smo plesaling. This movie really confused me. It's 1/9/2020 And I've just listened to this song for the first time. I feel like I just struck gold.

One of the best georgian film, must watch. Haven't seen yet but this film isn't just a simple gay movie this film stands for the idea of the expression of your self in dance and in the society you live with.
the films also shows the beauty of the national Georgian ballet.

One of the best movies of the year! Deserves every award and nomination it receives. Best foreign language film. Es buena! por fin, algo sin estereotipos (q yo halla visto, que recuerde en este momento. When you just happened to fall on a video that has a similar language to the one you happen to know. Soundtrackiasworebs😀🖤. Stupid movie, unnatural and inappropriate story. This movie is trial to deface culture of real Georgian dance and songs. Georgian dance have always been for real males, not for gays. It's elements are from real martial arts and history, and will always be.


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And Then We Danced
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