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  1. runtime - 94 min
  2. genre - Mystery, Horror
  3. Creators - Nicolas Pesce
  4. 5948 votes
  5. Actor - Tara Westwood, Junko Bailey
  6. Release Year - 2020

Grudge game. Grudge 2004. Modern masterpiece time has proven timeless. Grudge trailer. Grudge japanese. Drudge report 2019. Grudge definition. Grudges meaning. Honestly wish I was old enough to see this in the theater, I was 5 at the time.) Considering the new one was a pile of dogshit. I dont want my memories of this series in the theater to be negative. My mom wanted me to go with my relatives to watch the grudge, I naturally refused considering the reviews. In an attempt to get me out of the house my mom mentioned we would watch knives out instead. We went to Japan town first considering how the movie was a few hours after the original Grudge showing. While in japan town, I found out that my cousin has seen Parasite. Luckily, since we were in San Francisco we got to see Parasite because it was showing there but not in my area. In other words, I almost had to watch The Grudge but got lucky and got to watch a good movie instead.


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The story is dull, with nothing interesting or new to offer. The film is full of disturbing flashbacks and useless forced characters that make it messy, annoying, and boring at some points. The jump-scares are so predictable and clichéd and not scary at all. Performances are average. Cinematography however is good with some nice frames. All in all, The Grudge is a typically commercial remake that you'd probably forget the moment the credits star rolling, a big disappointment. I feel sad that the first movie I see from 2020 is disappointedly bad. Make yourself a favor and skip this one.
Moral of the story: shave your head so you don't have to shampoo.
Ive seen enough Grudge films to know that the entire cast is gonna die.

Grudge match full movie. For everyone: There is already a movie with the name “Hansel & Gretel”.





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