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  • Reporter: Paul Michael Bales
  • Biography: 'Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.' - Rumi

Creator - Mark Amin; 2020; Country - USA; genre - Drama. Emperor before hadrian. Current Samoth Drums (1991-1992), Guitars (rhythm) (1992-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-present) See also: The Wretched End, Scum, ex- Zyklon, ex- Zyklon-B, ex- Embryonic, ex- Xerasia, ex- Arcturus, ex- Gorgoroth, ex- Satyricon, ex- Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Conspiracy, ex-Fast Breeder, ex-Notodden All Stars, ex-Spina Bifida, ex-Zyltelab Ihsahn Keyboards (1991-2001), Vocals, Guitars (lead) (1991-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-present), Bass (1999-2001) Ihsahn, ex- Hardingrock, ex- Peccatum, ex- Zyklon-B, ex- Thou Shalt Suffer, ex- Embryonic, ex- Xerasia, God of Atheists, ex- Satyricon (live), ex-Revolution Harmony Trym Torson Drums (1996-2001, 2005-2007, 2014, 2016-present) ex- Ceremony, ex- Paganize, ex- Zyklon, God of Atheists, ex- Enslaved, ex- Satyricon (live), ex- Imperium, ex-Notodden All Stars Past Mortiis Bass (1991-1992) Mortiis, ex- Cîntecele Diavolui, ex- Fata Morgana, ex- Vond, ex-Rupturence, ex-Wilt of Belial Faust Drums (1992-1994, 2013-2014) Blood Tsunami, Djevel, Studfaust, Scum, ex- Bomberos, ex- Decomposed Cunt, ex- Mongo Ninja, ex- Stigma Diabolicum, ex- Aborym, ex- Thorns, ex- Nattefrost (live) Tchort Bass (1993-1994) Green Carnation, The 3rd Attempt, ex- Blood Red Throne, ex- Carpathian Forest, ex- Satyricon (live) Alver Bass (1995-1998) ex- Dødheimsgard Current (Live) Secthdamon Bass, Vocals (backing) (2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-present) Grimfist, Myrkskog, Odium, 1349 (live), Cadaver (live), ex- Zyklon, ex- Dimmu Borgir (live) Jørgen Munkeby Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2018-present) Altaar, Damp / Chrome Hill, Shining, ex- Marty Friedman (live), ex-Jaga Jazzist Past (Live) Hellhammer Drums (1992) Arcturus, Mayhem, Mortem, Winds, Mezzerschmitt, ex- Age of Silence, ex- Covenant, T. O. M. B., ex- Den Saakaldte, ex- Dimmu Borgir, ex- Nidingr, ex- Shining, ex- The Kovenant, ex- Troll, ex- Umoral, ex- Immortal (live), ex- Mysticum (live), ex- Tritonus (live), ex- Carnivora, ex-Descended Ildjarn Bass (1993) ex- Ildjarn, ex- Ildjarn-Nidhogg, ex- Sort Vokter, ex- Nivlheim, ex- Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Fast Breeder, ex-Myristic, ex-Spina Bifida, ex-Zyltelab Mark Allen Keyboards (1993) Sverd Keyboards (1994-1995) Arcturus, Mortem, ex- Ulver, ex- The Kovenant (live), ex- Ved Buens Ende (live), ex- Covenant, ex-Descended Charmand Grimloch Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (1997-2001) ex- Souls Domain, ex- Tartaros, ex-The Thrill Tyr Bass, Vocals (backing) (1998-2001) ex- Borknagar, ex- Koldbrann (live), ex- Satyricon (live), ex- Vintersorg (live), ex- Thornbound Einar Solberg Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-2017) Leprous, Ihsahn (live) Geir Bratland Keyboards (2018) Dimmu Borgir (live), Satyricon (live), ex- God Seed, ex- The Kovenant, ex-Apoptygma Berzerk Ole Vistnes Bass (2019) Autumn Inspiration, Fleshkiller, Tristania, Shining, ex- In Vain, ex- Zerozonic, ex- Green Carnation (live), ex- Extol (live).

Emperors. Masterpiece. Emperor claudius. Emperor's new clothes. Emperor palpatine actor. Page Transparency See More Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - August 19, 2013. Great gig ! Emperor rules as always. Emperor palpatine laugh. Black metal band from Notodden (Telemark), Norway, founded in 1991 by Ihsahn (Vegard Tveitan) and Samoth (Tomas Haugen). Emperor were the first Norwegian black metal group to include symphonic keyboard arrangements and orchestration in their music, which soon made them one of the most influential bands in the whole black metal scene. During their 10-year career Emperor recorded four full-length albums, with which their music developed increasingly more technical and complex, reaching its peak on the "Prometheus" album. Emperor disbanded in 2001, but they have done selected reunion appearances over the years. First one was in 2005-2007, when they did few festival dates and brief US tours. In 2013-2014 Emperor reunited with the original drummer Faust (Bård Eithun) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "In The Nightside Eclipse" album. The most recent 2017-2018 festival reunion shows focus on celebrating the 20th anniversary of their second album "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk". Final line-up: Ihsahn (Vegard Tveitan) - Guitar, keyboards, vocals (1991-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-) Samoth (Tomas Haugen) - Drums (1991-1992), Guitar (1992-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-) Trym (Kai Mosaker) - Drums (1996-2001, 2005-2007, 2016-) Former members: Mortiis (Håvard Ellefsen) - Bass (1991-1992) Faust (Bård Eithun) - Drums (1992-1994, 2013-2014) Tchort (Terje Schei) - Bass (1993-1994) Alver (Jonas Alver) - Bass (1996-1998) Session/live members: Hellhammer ( Jan Axel Von Blomberg) - Drums (1992, 1994) Ildjard ( Vidar Våer) - Bass (1993) Mark Allen - Keyboards (1993) Sverd ( Steinar Sverd Johnsen) - Keyboards (1994-1995) Tyr (5) (Jan Torgersen) - Bass (1998-2001) Charmand Grimloch (Joachim Rygg) - Keyboards (1998-2001) Secthdamon (Tony Ingebrigtsen) - Bass (2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-) Einar Solberg - Keyboards (2005-2007, 2013-2014, 2016-) Trym (Kai Mosaker) - Drums (2014) Geir Bratland - Keyboards (2018) Jørgen Munkeby - Keyboards (2018).

Emperor of mankind. Emperor palpatine rise of skywalker. Masterpiece of metal m. Disney: We make best musicals. Alfabusa: Hold my cactus. Emperor movie 2020. Emperor pilaf.


Emperor penguin. Emperor penguins. Emperor of the north. Emperor dnb. Emperor angelfish. Emperor's new groove. Full concert. Emperor justinian. Emperor nero. Emperor palpatine do it. Emperor. Emperor tamarin. Emperor palpatine. Emperor crimson vs metallic. Emperor caligula. I bought this cd in 1997. a month after it came out, first listening - wall of sound (i wasn't prepared for such a dense sound, i thought it would be much clear - hey man, nobody had ever sounded like this, it was something new) second listening -wall of sound, third - hey there's some melody and different instruments, fourth listening - my favourite album of all fucking time. everytime i listen to this album, i discover something new. i'm e huge fan from 1995. just perfection. another wall of sound i experienced was Ulcerate Everything is Fire, same thing - after fourth listening - couldn't fucking stop listening to it.

Emperor& 39;s new groove cast. Emperor scorpion. Emperor clock company. I ordered this album to my vinyl collection. I love Norway 's old school black metal stuff. Skitarii: Access Denied Kitten: you do realize that I am a high lord of Terra right? Skitarii: You Do Realize That Access Denied. Emperor hadrian. Emperors palace. Emperor qin. Emperor king vision. Emperor's theme. Emperor palpatine theme. Emperortigerstar. Emperor text to speech. Emperor of japan. Where tf did the guards go? They just went behind the elevator lmao. Anyone else notice that? Guards leave us okay we will go behind the elevator. Emperor live. Brings back great memories.

Emperor emhyr. Emperors new groove. This is a list including all rulers who had carried the title of emperor through history. Emperors of traditional empires [ edit] Ancient empires [ edit] Persian Empire (559 BC–330 BC)—see List of kings of Persia Hellenistic Empire (331 BC–301 BC)—see Alexander the Great and Diadochi Mauryan Empire (321 BC–185 BC)—see Mauryan dynasty China Empire (221 BC–1911)—see Table of Chinese monarchs Funan (68–550)—see List of Kings of Cambodia Roman Empire (27 BC–476)—see List of Roman Emperors Ethiopia (Empire ca. 3rd century–1975)—see Emperor of Ethiopia, Rulers and heads of state of Ethiopia, and Kings of Axum Middle Ages [ edit] Western and Byzantine traditions [ edit] Byzantine Empire (395–1453)—see List of Byzantine Emperors —and its rival & split-offs, Latin Empire of Constantinople (1204–1261, with the title of (Latin) "Emperor of Constantinople" continuing to 1383) Empire of Nicaea (1204–1261)—"Byzantine Empire" in exile during the rule of the "Latin Empire" over Constantinople. Empire of Trebizond (1204–1461)—Another split of the "Byzantine Empire" Empire of Thessalonica (1224–1242)—Offshoot of the Despotate of Epirus, reduced to vassal status of other powers after 1230 Ottoman Empire (1299–1922)—see Ottoman dynasty Carolingian Empire (800–843, 884–888) Holy Roman Empire (891–1806)—see List of Holy Roman Emperors West Francia (875–877, 881–887)–see List of French monarchs Bulgaria ( Empire 913–1422)—see List of Bulgarian monarchs Serbia ( Empire 1345–1371)—see Emperor of Serbia Muscovy (Empire 1547–1721)—see List of Russian rulers —continued in Imperial Russia from 1721 (see below) Asian [ edit] Japan (monarchs known as tenno from 7th century CE)—see Emperor of Japan and List of Emperors of Japan Korean Empire (1897–1910)—see Emperor of Korea Chola Empire (300–1279)—see List of Tamil monarchs Chenla (550–802)—see List of Kings of Cambodia The first ruler of Vietnam to take the title of Emperor (Hoang De) was the founder of the Dinh Dynasty, Dinh Bo Linh, in the year AD 966—see List of Vietnamese dynasties Khmer Empire (802–1431)—see List of Kings of Cambodia Mongol Empire (1206–1634)—see List of Mongol Khans Persian Empire ( Iran) (1501–1979)—see List of kings of Persia Mughal Empire (1526–1857)—see List of Mughal emperors Durrani Empire (1747–1823) Talpur dynasty (1783–1843) Americas [ edit] Aztec Empire (1375–1521)—see Hueyi Tlatoani Inca Empire (1438–1533)—see Sapa Inca Pre-modern Empire [ edit] Spanish Empire was the first world-wide empire in history, (1492–1898) with its maximum expansion between 1520 and 1700 reaching 31 million square kilometers Austrian Empire, 1804–1867 and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867–1918 as Emperor of Austria (both under the Habsburgs) British Empire de jure 1877–1947 India (under the British Raj with British Monarch as Emperor of India, 1876–1947) Third Bulgarian Tsardom (internationally equivalent to a kingdom, 1908–1946)—see list of Bulgarian monarchs Empire of Brazil ( Pedro I, 1822–1831 and Pedro II, 1831–1889)—see Brazilian imperial family France: (under the Bonapartes, 1804–1814, 1815; 1852–1870)—see Emperor of the French First French Empire ( Napoleon I, 1804–1814, 1815) Second French Empire ( Napoleon III, 1852–1870) German Empire (under the Hohenzollern dynasty as German Emperors, 1871–1918) Russian Empire (under the Romanovs, 1721–1917)—see list of Russian rulers Emperors of short-lived "empires" [ edit] Emperor Jacques I of the Empire of Haiti (1804–1806) Emperor Augustine of the first Mexican Empire (1822–1823) Emperor Faustin I of the Empire of Haiti (1849–1859) Emperor Maximilian of the second Mexican Empire (1864–1867) Emperor Sylvain I of the Empire of Haiti (1868–1870, not confirmed [1]) Emperors Sunjong and Gojong of the Korean Empire (1897–1910) The Hongxian Emperor of the Empire of China (1915–1916) Emperor Puyi of the Empire of Manchuria (1934–1945) Emperor Bảo Đại of the Empire of Vietnam (1945) Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire (1976–1979) Self-proclaimed "emperors" [ edit] See also Self-proclaimed monarchy and micronation Simeon Uroš, "Emperor of Serbs and Greeks" (held by Uroš V), in reality Despot of Epirus and Thessaly (1359–1369) John Uroš, "Emperor of Serbs and Greeks", in reality Despot of Thessaly (1369–1373) Jovan Nenad, "Emperor of Serbs" (1526–1527) Paul of Smederevo, "Serb Emperor" (1560s) Joshua Abraham Norton “Emperor of the United States of America” (1858–1889) Fictional emperors [ edit] This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. ( January 2014) Galactic Empire (Isaac Asimov) Emperor Sheev Palpatine of the First Galactic Empire (19BBY-4ABY) Emperor Karl Franz, of the Empire of the Warhammer Fantasy franchise See Category of fictional emperors and empresses.

Emperor movie.

Emperor's new groove cast. YouTube.


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